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Would you like to have a cheap personal logo, too? Would you like to have a private sign with which you can denote your letters, works and photos? The solution is the logo maker for you, too.

The logo maker is a very cheap app, it’s very easy to learn its use and apply it. After couple of days you can create such logos you have never dreamed of.

This doesn’t mean, of course, we can omit the graphics with the publication of the logo maker. If you would like a high-definition, printable logo, you need the help of the graphic for sure but you don’t have to hand over the phase of designing.

The advantage of logo maker is that we can make our logo ourselves, even more of them. But there are couple of information worth of reading before the usage, about the logo itself. Such informations are the types of the logo. First of all we have to determine the type of the logo before its designing.

First and foremost downloading of the logo maker is recommended, thus you can start the experimenting at the same time. Click on the picture to download logo maker app.

Vintage Design logo maker

The types of logo

We list the types of the logos as follows, so it’s easier to determine which logo we imagine for ourselves.

It’s worth lingering at the various types of logos and to recall couple of examples in ourselves. Thus the final picture of the logo can be visualized easier, that which we would like to make with the help of the logo maker.

Text logo

Although the text logo seems the simplest one, but it’s worthy to know its making requires a huge specialized knowledge. Irrespectively of this it’s worth experimenting because with the help of the logo maker our possibilities became unlimited on this area.


The text logo apply almost only typographic solutions. Despite of its simplicity the making of the text logo requires maybe the biggest specialized knowledge. Precisely because the limits of the tools are narrowish, one has to create the form of the letters and the layout very expertly to achieve a peculiar and also a spectacular end result.

Based on the description it’s apparent that creating a text logo one must have a huge specialized knowledge and proficiency, even if having the logo maker.

Let’s think for example the extravagant letter forms and specific colors of Coca Cola, which have been used for more than a century. Creating such a text logo is not an easy task. Despite of that it is interesting to experiment with this, because today, using the logo maker, it can be a nice amusement.

If you are a beginner in logo making and you haven’t used the logo maker yet, it’s better to start with the other logo types.

Iconic logo

facebookNowadays the iconic logo is the most widespread, because it is the easiest to make so that the end result be easily recognizable and identifiable. The logo maker is made for creating an iconic logo primarily, too.

The most important criteria of the iconic logo is being simple. The complexity of the forms, symbols and colors makes the recalling and later the identification more difficult. Accordingly maybe the most important factor we have to consider during creating an iconic logo is to make the easiest possible form and use the least possible number of colors.

Many misunderstand the purpose of the iconic logo and they try to put in the activity of the company. Many times this leads to the result that the form of the logo becomes unrecognizable thus the public doesn’t even have a chance to remember it easily.

We could come up with lots of example for the iconic logo. It’s worth looking at the logos of various companies and we can decide it right away whether they are good or not.

This naturally doesn’t exclude that we show a product of our activity with the iconic logo, but we have to try for the simplicity. For example a stationery network can put a quill-pen or a paperclip into its logo, of course. But experimenting with the more difficult forms than that is not worth. Fortunately the logo maker gives possibility for plenty of trying, for which there is a need during logo making or designing.

In the iconic logo it is very common that there is a character in the logo, too. It can be the initial of the company’s name, but even such a character that has a great importance regarding the activity. For example the logo of a book shop could be an opened book plus the letter „B”, that refers to the book clearly. These logo types can be made easily with the help of the logo maker.

It can’t be overemphasized the simpler is the logo, the easier it reaches its purpose.

Mixed logo

logo maker

The mixed logos belong to the favorite solutions of the start-ups. These types can be made very easily with the logo maker, too.

The mixed logo is a compound of the text logo and the iconic logo. In this case we see a picture, a form or an icon in the logo plus a lettering that can be a trade-name, the company’s name, a group of the products etc. The text isintegrated in the icon in many cases, but it also can happen that the text is under, above or beside the icon only.

While making a mixed logo – concerning the integration – the rules aren’t too strict. It’s to one’s taste which solution he prefers.

It’s worth saying a couple of words why the mixed logo is the best solutionfor a start-up.

logo maker

Nobody knows a new logo in the beginning, thus the identification comes up against difficulties. But if there is a text around the symbol, this makes the identification much easier. After that remembering the logo goes with more easiness.

For that very reason the mixed logo can help a lot to build up the publicity of a certain brand in a short period of time.

Fortunately the logo maker is already available, because – as it was mentioned before – the possibilities are almost drainless.

Clicking on the picture, the logo maker can be downloaded and used right away!

Vintage Design logo maker

Dynamic logo

Lately the dynamic logos showed up, those are interesting mainly for the large companies as the Google or MTV.

The designing of a dynamic logo must be entrusted to a practiced professional – if we would like this one anyway.

Logo maker knowing the logo types

Above we described the logo types shortly, which means advantage during the usage of logo maker.

Based on the descriptions we can decide a shade easier which logo type we would like the best, so we can move one step further in the next phase of logo design.

We don’t dig into the question of colors, forms and other components because one could cover those on hundreds of pages. It’s worth starting to experiment at the earliest possible moment because logo maker opens the door to this.

Click on the picture to download logo maker and start to use it today.

Vintage Design logo maker